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UPDATE: Many of you have asked if you can simply donate toward the purchase of these gift cards and other incidentals that we might be able to bless people with. All proceeds from the prints will go toward gift cards for families who are rebuilding. All funds raised through this donations link will go towards specific blessing opportunities that might arise – for instance, we just learned of a little girl who lost her home… and her sweet American Girl doll… we’re trying to raise enough money to purchase her doll for her. I’ll keep this updated with other blessings we’re able to do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xo, Emily // DONATE HERE to our blessing fund


I stayed awake until 2am on April 29. My dad was driving home in what was perhaps the worst storm Pensacola has ever seen. I couldn’t even close my eyes until I knew he’d made it through the water. He told me last night that he had water coming into the doors of his truck.  I’m from that sweet town – born and raised. And I cry every so often because I want to move home so badly. I love that city. When Hurricane Ivan devastated our town back in 2004, I saw neighbors come together, churches open their doors and friends made under broken power lines. It was incredible. And Pensacola is doing the same thing right now. The photos are horrendous. My family is safe, thank God. But many of our friends lost homes, furniture, clothes, photos, memories. Everything. God planted a wildly growing seed in my heart back when I earned my master’s degree in nonprofit management to SEE A NEED and MEET IT.

So here we are. I’ve designed two printable art prints – one reading PENSACOLA STRONG and one reading, appropriately, YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE. They are each $10 and will be delivered to you as an instant download to print, cut (crop marks are included) and frame at home. Even if you don’t need the print – the purchase would make a huge difference for someone. PURCHASE YOURS HERE AND SUPPORT FAMILIES IN PENSACOLA.

Every penny will be used to purchase gift cards to send up to Pensacola to families in need. Please share and consider helping. Below are photos of my sweet hometown.



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  1. Ashley Flores commented:

    This is so wonderful of you. I can’t even describe how life changing this storm has been. I’m in Mobile, AL and we lost our home and both cars. Thankfully, our family is here and were currently staying with my mother-in-law. My husband says we may just sell our house and move because even trying to fix it would cost a small fortune. I heard about people who were killed near Cantonment and in other areas near Pensacola. It’s just crazy. Thank God for preaching a message of focusing on what matter most because life is too short to focus on anything else.

  2. Anna Whitlock commented:

    You and I spent April 29th quite the same. Although I live 5 hours behind Pensacola, in Hawaii with my Marine and 2 children, I sat with my mother in the dark of my powerless, childhood home on one phone and on speaker with my father as he made the frightening trip home on another. A trip that would usually take my father 20 minutes took him almost an hour. My husband listened in to the Escambia EMS scanner while looking up road closures on the Internet so we could find the best way to ensure his safety. When I heard the front door close through both lines and the sighs of relief as my parents came together, I hung up, broke down in tears, and thanked God that my parents were safely together. As I listened in on frantic calls for backup through the scanner that night, I knew my family was quite a lucky one. Others were clinging to trees and standing on the roofs of their flooded out cars, some waving their arms in a desperate cry for help standing on their rooftop. It was horrific, the images that followed the next day. The realism that my family making it out okay was a miracle, as roads were washed away and bridges destroyed on streets just around the corner. Families a few houses down with 8 inches of water invading their homes really made us all appreciate the grace God provided our family. Others weren’t that lucky. I’m glad to do whatever I can to help from 4000 miles away, and I’ll proudly hang that we are “Pensacola Strong” in my house. God bless you for doing your part and thank you from being the vessel for people like me whose hands are unable to help. :)

    • Ashley Flores commented:

      This just almost brought me to tears. So thankful your family is okay, and praying for those who are not. xoxo

  3. Heather Brooks commented:

    I live in Pace, FL and we were very lucky and only had a flooded yard. Unfortunately, I have two very good friends that grew up in Pensacola that were not so lucky. My friend Shannon and Chris Whiteaker along with their two children had flooding throughout their entire house and have spent the last two days taking out everything. Their home is an empty shell now. Shannon’s workplace also was completely flooded. She works at a place that runs many of the after school programs for many of Escambia county schools. They could definitely benefit from a gift card if at all possible. Another childhood friend Matt Kolek and his wife KC also had flooding throughout their home and cars. They have two young children as well and had to rip all the carpeting out of their home. Their fence was also completely destroyed. In addition, KC’s mom and very ill grandmother’s home and car were also flooded. Please if they could receive a gift card too that would be amazing. I appreciate what you have put together and will be donating myself and sharing with all I know through social media. Thankful to you and grateful your family is ok.

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  5. Kaya commented:

    Emily, I am so happy that you are making such a difference! You will be blessed for your service. Thank you for your example.