Cleaning up our house

1-1 Over the past few years, I’ve made a real effort to decrease the amount of  junk in our house – in terms of STUFF we’ve collected and toxic junk in our food and the products we use. We started with the obvious by bathing Brady in “clean” products and swapping our cleaning products for safe products. But as we travel further down this infertility road and I really start to read and research more about WHY so many (!!!) couples deal with this… I’m really starting to realize the effects our “normal” products have on us. I read this post from Sarah Tucker the other day and it blew my mind. 1 in every 3 women and 1 in every 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer. WHY is there so much of this. Here are a few changes we’ve made over the last few years:

GLUTEN FREE-ISH DIET + CLEANER FOOD: Last year, I decided to eliminate gluten from my diet. I was feeling exhausted every afternoon, had some strange symptoms and just felt sluggish. I still allow myself gluten every once in a while, but its made a TREMENDOUS difference in how I feel. One of the things I’m most proud of as a Mom is that Brady will eat ANYthing (I realize that could change at any second, but let me have my moment, haha). He loves vegetables. He’ll eat onions, turnip greens, mushrooms. He’ll try anything, really. And for that reason, he loves healthy snacks and doesn’t eat a ton of  processed stuff. That kid could eat twelve apples a day. We make smart choices about the food we eat and buy and are just starting to make even MORE healthy choices as we start this journey to make our home and family more healthy. I purchased the good stuff above from VitaCost to make Sarah’s smoothie here (it’s a great website Sarah introduced me to – cheaper than Amazon and just as fast!). You can get $10 off your order (I’ll get $10 off mine too!) by using my link here. I’m excited to start using coconut oil as a moisturizer and in smoothies (especially since I’m allergic to banana – so strange). Here are two movies I watched that really made me look at food differently: Forks Over Knives and Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.

ESSENTIAL OILS:Another way we started cleaning up our house is by using essential oils. I was very skeptical at first, but after watching Brady’s bedtime COMPLETELY change after rubbing lavender on the soles of his feet or watching a sniffle go away over night after diffusing thieves in his room, I’m convinced. I’m still learning all the ways to use our Young Living set, but I’m a believer. I got ours from my friend Amber Ulmer.

SAFER PRODUCTS: Sarah also introduced me to BeautyCounter. Check out Sarah’s post on their products here. I love good skin care products, but they’re FULL of parabens (aka bad stuff). And if you think about the amount of products you use on the largest organ you have (your skin)… it’s pretty scary. From shampoos, conditioners, lotions, perfumes, makeup, skin cream, face wash… just goodness. It’s a little overwhelming when you think about it. I ordered some face wash from BeautyCounter. I’m interested to try it. My skin is combination, so I’ll keep you posted. Their website is fantastic though and they have a great blog, Truth Serum. Their “Never List” will blow your mind.

HONEST COMPANY: Since Brady was born, we’ve purchased his products from Honest Company. I love this brand. We get pull-ups (used to get diapers, now we just get these for night time – no I haven’t tackled that whole night time potty training excitement yet), all his bath stuff (even detangler!), sunscreen (B has a sunscreen allergy… probably because sunscreen contains some nasty stuff), hand sanitizing spray, wipes, gummy vitamins, etc from them. (They also offer a free trial pack!)

We’re slowly transitioning what we have to these healthier products. So when we run out of laundry detergent or dishwashing pods next, I’ll buy mine from Honest Co, etc. I’d love to know what you do to keep your family healthy. I feel this enormous responsibility about it, obviously, and I also KNOW that so much of the disease and exhaustion and infertility and awfulness that’s out there right now is, in part, due to the food and product choices we make. Its SO overwhelming though. So what healthy choices do you make for your family? I’d love some tips!



Here’s another post on how I used to juice for little B! 

And here’s another post about how we changed our eating habits a few years ago for the better



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  1. It IS crazy how much we consider to be “normal” and it really isn’t. I try to keep things clean and healthy too and am trying desperately to repair my health, so I can totally relate to you. That’s why I find it so important to incorporate healthier swaps into my baking (for my blog Treats With a Twist), and I’m pretty sure I’ve completely changed the way my husband eats. Our cleaning products definitely got an overhaul too, and swapped our soaps and body products to friendlier ones too. I had to get rid of all of my nail polishes too and swap them for 5Free due to a sudden onset allergy. Whew!

  2. Madison Mayberry commented:

    Great post, Emily! I always struggle to find a balance between eating clean, organic, etc. and keeping our grocery budget in check. We usually fall somewhere in the middle, purchasing some fruits and veggies organic and organic dairy, and we don’t eat a lot of processed food at all, but I always feel like we could be doing better. Thanks for the recommendation of Vita Cost. Excited to check it out! And if you haven’t already, I would strongly recommend One Love Organics face and body products. They are a bit pricier but I think the quality of the ingredients and products is worth it!

  3. Angie commented:

    LOVE this blog post.. and I couldn’t have written it better myself. We are making the transition to a healthier lifestyle as well! I haven’t gone gluten free just yet, but it’s definitely something I plan to pursue {as I too, have struggled with infertility issues}. My most favorite addition to our daily routine is oil pulling.. using coconut oil! I know it sounds strange but the health benefits are incredible! I also just introduced essential oils.. to my family and blog! We LOVE the powerful benefits that replace OTC drugs. Please visit my blog {} to learn more!

  4. Trisha commented:

    Love everything Honest (diapers, wipes, cream, sunscreen, bug spray, laundry pods, dishwasher pods, everything!) and huge fan of essentials oils (we use DoTerra). Have your heard of Branch Basics? Awesome multipurpose cleaner concentrate with a zillion uses and truly works! A friend also recommended the book Beautiful Babies, but haven’t yet gotten around to reading it :)

  5. Jennifer Lee commented:

    I highly recommend following the blog “100 Days of Real Food”. Lisa Leake is amazing and has practical and delicious recipes. Also, check out “Food Babe” — you will be shocked to read the truth about what’s in stuff that we presume is good for us ( even that stuff labed gluten-free can be deceiving).

    Start a little garden with Brady. There is no better feeling than eating food you grew yourself. Every bite of food you grow yourself is a revolutionary act (I believe Michael Pollen said this).

    Good luck! It’s very empowering to know where your food comes from.

  6. Rachel Nordgren commented:

    It’s amazing how much junk we put on/in our bodies every day, isn’t it? My husband and I are transitioning into more natural house cleaning products and body/hair products. I’m really interested in using essential oils, but like you were, I’m still a little skeptical!

  7. This is so crazy that you posted this. I’m just now getting into cleaning up our home. I started with essential oils back in February and am about to clean out our pantry. I also have struggled with secondary infertility for 2 years and am really believing that it has a lot to do with what I’m putting into my body. Thanks so much for the other recommendations. Off to check them out!!

  8. Jennifer commented:

    Thank you so much for this post. This month I suffered a miscarriage at 20 weeks and right away I turned to myself to see what I could have done better to help my baby. I eat healthy but could do better, I exercise and stay away from anything that could cause harm. I am actually overboard. But I right away decided that I am going to really look at what I am putting into my body and on my body. I have been stuggling the past couple weeks with getting started but this has pushed me just that little bit more to get going on making me as healthy as possible. Thank you.

  9. Brimful commented:

    These are some great changes Emily! I made very similar changes about 4 years ago and have felt so much better. Taking a daily nap is an absolutele must for me too :). After 8 years and almost 4 children, I still follow the “when baby sleeps, mama sleeps” rule ;-).

  10. Ashley Flores commented:

    Fat Sick and Nearly Dead + Food, Inc. are two of my fav movies! When I get into a funk with my eating, I rewatch them to remind me why I need to stay away from the foolishness, lol. Especially since I’m nursing now, I am more aware of what I put into my body. I’ve made a few changes to the simple luxuries in my life (like only getting professional pedicures in the warmer months, and making my own Starbucks from via packets instead of buying from them) so that I can afford healthier groceries for my family. As a wife and mother, I am the keeper of my home. I need to take that role much more seriously when it comes to food choices.

  11. Lindsay commented:

    Emily, Have you tried the children’s vitamins from Honest? I’d love to know what you think. I’ve been thinking about ordering some but my kids are super picky.