Announcing our first Shop Coaching Webinar!

webinar-3-02Over the years, I’ve received so many questions about operating an online shop, building a captivating and viral brand and creating community around products that will truly be impactful in the lives of others. I’ve LOVED every second of my Shop Coaching sessions this year and am thrilled to announce that I’ll be hosting my first Shop Coaching Webinar on Tuesday, March 11. The webinar will take place from 12 – 2pm EST.

As a team, we’ll dive into the three main areas of creating, selling and marketing your own collection of products online. We’ll walk through the three big strike-outs to avoid, the key components to creating captivating and viral products and ways to strengthen, automate and streamline your shop into a profitable, life-changing home run.

Spots are limited but try-outs are unnecessary. Whether you’re at the little league stage or ready to break into the all-stars, the Shop Coaching Webinar will address foundational principles and techniques to help you create more profitability, a more impactful product and, in turn, create more white space outside of your shop for what matters most.

Shop Coaching team members will also receive access to a private Facebook group to share ideas and resources, encourage each other and ask questions of other “players.”

Early bird rate for the Shop Coaching Webinar is $100 (before midnight EST, Tuesday, March 4). Late registration is $150. The webinar will begin at noon EST and last approximately 2 hours including a Q & A session at the end. Special treat! Gina Hafley, my Shop Director, will be sitting in with us. Gina’s been managing the operations of our shop since day one. I’m so excited to have her join us to share her tips and tricks as well.

Your coach for this webinar is Emily Ley – designer and founder of her self-titled brand of organizational products including the sought-after Simplified Planner® and Simplified Life Binder. She is co-founder of Making Brands Happen and co-presenter of the Making Things Happen Intensive for creative entrepreneurs. Emily has a heart for women building boutique brands to both impact the lives of others and support their own unique lifestyles as working women who care deeply about what matters most.



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  1. Kerri Lynne commented:

    Hi Emily!! I met you at P31 and just so appreciate your vulnerability with the ladies of MTH. Truly, thank you. I’ve been so curious about creating products to sell online for awhile now, and I would LOVE to attend one of your shop coaching sessions. Will you be doing other dates other than March 11? Thanks so much! xoxo

  2. emily commented:

    Hi Kerri!! So good to hear from you!! P31 was such an incredible experience for me. Right now this is our only one planned. But we may do one later depending on how this one goes. I also offer individual sessions outside of this. xoxo

  3. Kristen commented:

    Hi Emily! This workshop looks amazing! Do you think you’ll go over business plans and ideas for pricing structures? Or do you think our small businesses should have a better idea/plan for this before we jump into this workshop? Thank you!

    • emily commented:

      Hi Kristin!! We’ll go over pricing structure for retail and how that relates to product development. Everything we’ll talk about can be formulated into a business plan, but truth be told… I’ve never written one for myself. I create monthly and yearly goals and strategies instead. :)

  4. Katie commented:

    Hi Emily! I have been a big fan of your products for awhile and have been wanting to explore what it would take to open my own creative business. I work 9-5 and wouldn’t be able to attend the webinar. Will you be recording it? Thanks so much!

    Katie :)

  5. emily commented:

    Hi Katie!! Thank you so much! There will be a recording for attendees, but since this is my first time using the software, we won’t “sell” the recording to people not attending. We scheduled it during lunch-hours so that people could hopefully join us in between their full time job, if they have one. The second hour will be a lot of Q&A :)

    • Katie commented:

      Thanks Emily! I’ll most likely register and then refer to the recording if I can’t stay for the entire webinar live. Thanks again! Katie :)

  6. Valerie Woerner commented:

    This sounds great! Will it be focused on shopify type shops or would it be helpful for VMP wedding stationery or the prayer journals?

    • emily commented:

      Val! I’d love for you to join us! It’s definitely relevant to the VMP Prayer Journals. We won’t cover specific platform (like Shopify) but operating on any platform successfully, in general. xoxo

  7. Em commented:

    So fun! I’m sure this will be really helpful for lots of people :)

  8. Samantha N. commented:

    YAY! I just registered.

    …Even though I ‘m currently a first grade teacher and have NO idea what I’m doing with my life {I will be attending MTH in a couple weeks and hopefully that will provide me with some personal discoveries and direction}, I have SO many ideas that I am sick and tired of just sitting on and doing nothing about. You are *so* inspiring to me and I cannot wait to meet you! Hopefully after the conference I will be able to listen to the recordings of your webinar again and start MAKING. THINGS. HAPPEN!

    xo, Sam

  9. emily commented:

    Yay, Samantha! I’m so excited for you to join us! And I can’t wait to meet you at MTH! xo

  10. Ashley Shelly commented:

    Just signed up and SO excited to listen to your webinar, Emily! Having my own successful design business and being able to work from home one day to be a great mommy at the same time is my ultimate goal. Your example motivates so many people and I hope to learn some valuable points from you! :) SO EXCITED! So much that I am taking off from my full time job for a few hours, woohoo!

  11. Kristin commented:

    Hi Emily!

    I went to register just now and it said that the Early Bird Rate is sold out, even though it’s not yet March 5th – are spots still available for the $100 discounted rate? I hope so, thanks so much!

  12. emily commented:

    Kristin! Thank you for letting me know! We sold out overnight and just opened more spots!

  13. Brigette commented:

    Yipee!! Just gifted this to myself for my birthday (on the 11th!) AND gotta baby sitter. Check, check! ;)

  14. rachel commented:

    Will there be any downloadable info that we can refer to later?

    Thank you!

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