Our Spring Cleaning Sale is here!

HOORAY! Friends! This is a big one. We have only two sales or discounts a year and this is #1! Everything in our shop is discounted up to 60% (excluding the Simplified Planner). We’re so excited about our newest collection (coming soon!) of very, very purposeful products designed to help women focus on what matters most. In an effort to simplify (pun intended), we are discontinuing our current products. Watch this short little video for all the details about what’s last-chance and what’s coming back in an even more powerful way! :) Happy Tuesday!




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  1. Kacey Batterton commented:

    I ordered the flags for me and for a friend. Then got the mom notepad. I’m so excited to get them. Aaaaaand…tomorrow is my date to get my planner from UPS!

  2. arin commented:

    it’s that time already?! not looking forward to tossing my closet! (even though i need to!) Heart of Chic

  3. kristina commented:

    You are so adorable. That is all! ;)
    SO happy for you and excited for you, Emily!
    Hugs! XO!