Happy Friday!

This boy. I can’t even handle it. He and his buddy Beckett (and their two little gal friends) all learned the pledge of allegiance. It’s my favorite thing ever. I’ve watched this video seven hundred times. Hope it makes you smile today. :)



PS: Enjoy his Marvel Comic Book tee shirt. His Daddy buys him these to balance my seersucker and monograms. :)


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  1. Sara commented:

    That is SO adorable!!

  2. Marissa Lynn commented:

    Tell Brady that the lady in the ‘movie’ really liked HIS movie!!! :)

  3. Kyra commented:

    Oh my gosh, the cuteness. I can’t take it!

  4. Kathryn Duckett commented:

    Oh my goodness! This is the sweetest thing ever! :)

  5. Whitney commented:

    What an absolutely precious little patriotic heart!

  6. darci commented:

    ARE.YOU.KIDDING?! This is the most precious thing I’ve seen all week! Way to go, Brady!! So good! Love his smile and his sweet little voice!

    Ps- I just received my planner and am sitting here marveling over it! Thanks so much!!

  7. Kyla F commented:

    That is adorable!!