2014 Shop Coaching

Coaching-01Some of my favorite moments from 2013 involved helping shop owners, just like me, get their online shops off the ground. I enjoy, so much, the one-on-one time I’ve had with these clients and am so excited to announce a handful of openings for 2014 Shop Coaching sessions. I’ll be taking five clients on one day each month this year beginning with Monday, January 27.

Sessions are a half hour in length via phone. Before our session, I’ll send you extensive homework for you to complete and send back to me so that I can dive in and prepare for our call and get to know the areas you’d like to address. During our session, we’ll address your top three questions and concerns and create a strategy to tackle those and action steps for you to complete. Typically two sessions are booked at once so that during a follow-up session we can work through what worked and what didn’t and build a long term plan for moving forward. Topics can include marketing through blogs and social media, the most practical tools and systems for streamlining workflow (allowing you to work LESS hours), customer experience from site visit to product in-hand, product development and pricing / profitablity.

My sessions aren’t just about how to make your shop successful financially – although that is a major goal. My goal is to help other creative entrepreneurs, stationers and designers with online shops increase profitability AND decrease hours in front of a computer – meaning more time for what matters most. My goal is also to help you harness your best talents that bring you the most joy, present your products in the clearest and strongest way possible to attract the right customers who will return again and again. It’s all about creating a brand that people want to live in. And the best brands out there do that by harnessing the talent that gives its creator the most joy which in turn helps their customers live better, happier, more joyful lives as well. The strongest brands allow their owners to live better lives through automation, streamlined workflows and clear / direct marketing. I want to help you live a better life by building a shop that promotes the same for your customers – whether their products are cards that allow people to send special notes to friends, digital goods that allow other creatives to be their best in business or personalized items that add joy and personality to someone’s day.

Each session is two hundred and fifty dollars. To reserve your session, contact me directly. We have three sessions left for January. The next sessions will be Tuesday, February 18 and Tuesday, March 18.

Here’s to a strong 2014!




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  1. krissy traustason commented:

    I simply love this idea and would love to be a part of a workshop with you! Will you be doing workshops in the summer months as well?

  2. Samantha N. commented:

    Ah! Emily I always *love* reading your reasoning behind everything you do…that you never abandon your core. It’s always inspiring.

    I dream of turning my passions into a full time job one day…leaving my emotionally and mentally-draining day job to DO WHAT MATTERS MOST. So I hope to be one of your clients in the near future!

    I can.not. wait to meet you at MTH in Chapel Hill :) Happy New Year!

    xo Sam

  3. samiul commented:

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