A few weeks ago, Andy and Ashley and their team of amazing friends came over to shoot a little video about our shop and brand. I got big tears in my eyes as I watched it for the first time this morning. Brady’s cheese face… my little home office…. and remembering WHY I do what I do. It’s not about day planners or pretty notepads. It’s about focusing on what matters and helping other women do the same. Hope you enjoy this little video as much as I do. Enormous thanks to my friends at Indie Atlantic Films.




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  1. Lindsey McClennahan commented:

    Beautiful Emily! Very clean, simple, and heartfelt. They did a wonderful job capturing the essence of your brand.

  2. Caryl Lyons commented:

    I love this!! Love the WHY you are doing what you do. xoxo ~ Caryl

  3. Melissa Manzione commented:

    amazing. absolutely love this! so beautiful – and I’m so happy for you!

  4. Michelle commented:

    YEA GIRL!!!! GET IT!!!!

  5. Liz commented:

    Hi Emily:

    I commented on FB, but wanted to say (as a video editor myself) that this is fabulous and incredibly real, even though some scenes obviously had to be minimally arranged. Your interview was so good!!! Congrats on another new step in your business!

  6. Amanda commented:

    YOU ARE SOOOO CUTE!! absolutely beautiful video Emily!!

  7. Lindsey commented:

    I loved your video, it was nice to finally put a voice to the brand, although I feel like I’ve known you forever from your personal approach to your business!

  8. Mandy V commented:

    Beautiful video! Your radiant spirit was so bright in this video! Kudos to you for your authenticity. You are such a role model to me.

  9. Caitlin commented:

    You are wonderful. This fits you so perfectly… and I don’t even know you in real life! :) You consistently inspire me to be a better business owner and better person… thank you, Emily, for sharing this. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  10. I love this, so much, Em!

  11. Nicolle Spitulnik commented:

    Thanks for reminding me that it’s not just pretty paper.. we do this for things so much bigger and greater. Big Hugs!~

  12. Shefy commented:

    This is such a beautiful video! Congratulations!!!

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  14. I LOVE THIS!!!! Not only LOVE your products but LOVE your heart!!!

  15. Hilary Maloney commented:

    Hi Emily! I discovered your products while browsing on Pinterest, and I just love your heart behind your brand! I’m a wedding planner & designer with Chancey Charm Weddings in Athens, Georgia, and I fell in love with your wedding planner product! I feel such a close connection with your mission! Many blessings on your business!!!

    Hilary Maloney

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  17. Amy Romano commented:

    Oh my friend I finally watched this and WOW this video is marvelous! My favorite part…Brady’s slowed down adorable run that I love so much! I wish I sold stuff so I had an excuse to make a video like this ;) Love this, love your goods and love you!

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