Do what matters

How busy are you really?

Think about that. If you’re overwhelmed, how can you take control and change that?

For instance, I run around all week with the mindset that my plate is overflowing. I also throw little pity parties for myself about how it takes me an HOUR sometimes to accomplish what used to be a five minute task. The other part of the equation is the FOG that consumes me sometimes when I have so many things going on.

But it occurred to me today that I have the ability to change that. It’s all about simplicity, focus and clearing the clutter.

Lara create THE CHALLENGE to combat just that. After talking a lot about THE CHALLENGE during our Making Brands Happen Webinar yesterday I revisited the posts she wrote. I also read through this article on the Wall Street Journal’s website.

And I had to ask myself am I really as busy as I think I am? Could I condense my workload and recenter my focus when I do have blocks of time to get things done so that I actually work LESS and accomplish MORE?

Even further, how can I simplify things even more so that I spend time doing the most important, impactful, satisfying and meaningful things and FORGET THE REST? Lara showed me an image some version of this saying on Pinterest and I created the graphic above. 


I’m traveling tomorrow to spend next week with my family. Little B can’t wait to see them! (and neither can his mama!) I plan to spend some time really thinking about this and going through Lara’s posts on THE CHALLENGE.

I challenge YOU to do the same. It’s all about simplicity and focus.





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  1. I can’t wait to dig in with the homework!!! You girls are the best!

  2. Lara commented:

    I love you!!! Yay for family time next week!!

  3. Alexandra commented:

    Welp, that’s me, right now, to a T. The overflowing pate. The pity party. Do yours have balloons? Mine have balloons. Time to pop ’em. Starting the Challenge tomorrow.

  4. Stephanie Creekmur commented:

    I am still on such a high from Wednesday’s MBH webinar! You and Lara were amazing! I love this thought. It is so simple yet speaks volumes if you actually follow it through. Thanks! :)

  5. Annie {little&ever} commented:

    Hi Emily.

    LOVE this post. I’m guilty of spending a lot of my rest time worrying. I don’t achieve anything out of this, but I feel constantly busy (and subsequently constantly stressed!). Thank you for providing the link to Laura’s article… a very enlightening read too!

    I love reading your blog… I find it so reassuring and inspirational.

  6. Jenni Bailey commented:

    Can I make a totally obnoxious confession here? When Lara posted The Challenge again the other day I saw it and was all, “Oh, I’ve done The Challenge. I know what’s up. I know my action steps. I know EVERYTHING. Hahaaaa.” It wasn’t as dramatic as that but you get the point. I felt like I had it all together. Up until about 20 minutes ago, I felt invincible. My little one woke up, sick and teething and crying, and all she wanted was to sit with me and fall asleep in my arms. And looking down at her sticky, crusty, disgusting, gorgeous, miraculous eyelashes something sparked inside my heart. Moments like that, completely quiet and small but at the same time HUGE and wonderful, are what matter. So now, at midnight, I’m sitting at my desk downloading like a MANIAC. Totally back in on The Challenge. I love this post and I love your willingness to constantly redirect and adjust and find new ways to live your best life. You are awesome, girl. So inspiring. xoxo

  7. Kate commented:

    Thanks for this great reminder!

  8. nancy pfeifer commented:

    what a wonderful post!! thank you for sharing! new follower of your blog :)

  9. Ashley Brooke commented:

    This book is next on my list, so I’m thrilled it’s good! Can’t wait to tear through it!
    xx- Ashley Brooke